Holidaymakers have commented on issues of food poisoning, cockroaches and poor hygiene practices at the Occidental Jandia Mar in Fuerteventura. Find out what to do if you’re affected, including how you can claim compensation if you were affected.

The Occidental Jandia Mar

Situated in the Jandia region of Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands, and advertised on an all-inclusive basis by Jet2 Holidays, the Occidental Jandia Mar is a child-friendly resort with a selection of pools to choose from, making it an appealing choice for British families.

Guests comment on holiday illness and hygiene concerns

Reviews for the Occidental Jandia Mar on TripAdvisor include a mixture of positive and negative comments, with some reviewers praising the resort and others bringing up concerns over hygiene and holiday illness during their stay in November:

In her review titled “3 star at best“, ‘sharoncZ3089NY’ from Truro says that “two people got food poisoning from under-cooked burgers at the snack bar“, adding that “people had to clean their own tables and collect cutlery” and the “food [was] consistently cold in the buffet“.

‘Beverley M’ wrote a review that was simply titled “Not a good hotel” in which she says that “the hotel was a massive let down“, explaining that there were “cockroaches running around while [they were] having breakfast one morning“, the “food was very bland and [the] hot food was always cold“. She goes on to say that the “cutlery was dirty as [were the] plates, cups [and] glasses in [the restaurant] and at the bar“.

In his review titled “Dangerous“, Southampton holidaymaker ‘jamesmilesbeef’ says that “on [their] third day [he] came down with food poisoning” and as they didn’t have “bottled water in [their] room, […] in the middle of the night [he] walked to reception to ask for some“. He was told that he would have “to buy some from a vending machine, [even though he] was in a poor state [and] vomiting in a nearby toilet“.

London holidaymaker ‘PS0707’ wrote a review titled “Occidental Jandia NAH” in which she says that “the food was always cold“. She goes on to comment on an incident at “the outside bar” where she says that they saw “a girl throw up all over the tables and floor and no one cleaned it up“.

Guest Experience Manager responds to guest

Below you’ll find an excerpt of a response from the Guest Experience Manager at Occidental Jandia Mar to ‘Beverley M’s review:

We sincerely regret reading that you found cockroaches on the floor. We have in place a regular pest-control plan and of course work hard on a daily basis to avoid their presence within our grounds, however at certain times of the year, depending on the climatology of Fuertevetura [sic], the presence of insects is unfortunately unavoidable“.

Record evidence of possible food poisoning and hygiene issues on holiday

In our experience, food poisoning is one of the main contributors to holiday illness, often due to high-risk food such as burgers being served undercooked, whether due to a lack of adequate hygiene processes such as HACCP, or as a result of kitchen staff members rushing preparation.

Pink burgers and holiday food poisoning

Cockroaches, aside from being an unpleasant sight at an all-inclusive hotel, can present a health risk. Although a cockroach itself won’t necessarily make you sick, they are known to spread disease by spending time in hazardous environments and then entering food preparation or dining areas.

If you’re served undercooked chicken or a burger that’s still pink in the middle, you encounter a cockroach or any other wildlife, or if you’ve encountered questionable hygiene standards, we recommend recording evidence of the incident by taking a picture or recording video on a camera or smartphone. Once you’ve done this, it’s important to inform a member of staff at your hotel, as well as your tour operator representative.

These types of problems are often preventable, and in the event that they aren’t addressed by an hotelier or your tour operator and you get sick on a package holiday, you might be entitled to compensation.

Speak to a travel law specialist about claiming compensation

A member of our travel law team can provide you with a free no-obligation consultation during which we can assess your case and advise you on the prospects of making a ‘no win no feecompensation claim.

Under The Package Travel Regulations 1992, your tour operator is expected to take reasonable steps to prevent you from coming to harm while on an all-inclusive package holiday. If they fail to do this, then they could be in breach of their contract with you and you may be able to make a claim.

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