A reviewer who recently stayed at the TUI SENSATORI Resort Azul Mexico has commented on Cyclospora, following reports that several guests at the Riviera Maya resort have also suffered from the symptoms of a gastric illness.

The Azul Beach Resort Sensatori Mexico in the Riviera Maya

The TUI SENSATORI Resort Azul Mexico, also known as the Azul Beach Resort Sensatori Mexico, is advertised by TUI (formerly branded as Thomson) and sold on an all-inclusive basis to British holidaymakers. Situated in the Riviera Maya, Mexico, the resort is highly rated, but recent reviews have pointed towards a recent issue with holiday illness.

Holidaymaker comments on Cyclospora

Although there are a few complaints, overall, the reviews for the Azul Beach Resort Sensatori Mexico on TripAdvisor are favourable, with the resort receiving an aggregate score of 4.5 out of 5. Unfortunately for the following reviewers, their holiday was marred by illness.

London holidaymaker ‘LondonZiba’ wrote a review of her stay this December titled “Would NOT return because of the sickness & diarrhoea“, in which she says that she has “just returned back to the UK after 10 nights at the Sensatori Azul“, explaining that she spent “the last 5 days being cooped up with [her] daughter […] being severely sick [and] having diarrhoea“.

She comments that they were on holiday for her “husband’s 50th birthday” when “halfway through the week [her] 6-year-old daughter started vomiting“. ‘LondonZiba’ says that “she couldn’t hold anything down (fluids) so [they] called the doctor out, which cost $130 dollars just for a call out“. She says that the doctor “said [that her daughter] had heat stroke which [she finds to be bizarre], as [her daughter] was [barely] in the sun” and “spent [a maximum of] 3 hours [over] two days in the pool, and the rest of her time in kids club“.

‘LondonZiba’ says that it was actually on the day of her “husband’s 50th birthday” that she “came down with severe sickness [and] diarrhoea“, which she explains was “slightly worrying as [they] were due to fly 48 hours later“. She says that she was seen by a “doctor […] who couldn’t pinpoint why [she] was so ill but gave [her an] injection” that “stopped the sickness but not the other end” and “cost $260 dollars“.

She says that she “had to take 4 Imodium just to get on the plane as [she] wanted to get home to recover“, and “once [she had] landed [she] headed straight to [her] doctors [and] provided a sample“. ‘LondonZiba’ states that her doctor informed her that she “possibly […] caught Cyclospora which is rife in some parts of Mexico [and] clearly [in] the hotel [that she] stayed in“.

‘LondonZiba’ explains that she hasn’t “eaten in days [and] lost weight“, stating that “the cramps have been unbearable“. She says that “even [her] daughter who was only sick is still complaining of cramps“, and her “husband now has it since returning back to the UK“, adding that “his doctor has now told him to take time [off] work“.

The disappointed reviewer later comments that she’s “highly upset and disappointed that [Thomson] don’t warn you when booking that Cyclospora is rife in Mexico and to be cautious of the foods you eat yet“. She also says that while she doesn’t like to have “to leave such a negative review for this hotel“, she must “urge them to really look closer at hygiene and the certain foods laid out“.

Cyclospora-holiday treatment advice

‘Matthew B’ wrote a review of his stay at the TUI SENSATORI Resort Azul Mexico this November titled “Mixed but ultimately very negative experience“. In his review, he makes a few comments about the standards of the facilities and services, saying that “the service, cleanliness, and room conditions were generally fair to good“, and “the food in every restaurant was of at best moderate quality“.

He goes on to say that “on the last day, 13 [members] of [his party] got suddenly sick“, speculating that it was “most likely food poisoning“. He says that “some of [them] had treatment with the (extremely expensive) in-house doctor” and “5 of [them] missed flights“, commenting that he had subsequent issues with the standards of customer service as a result of this.

Cardiff holidaymaker ‘fionajeanne’ was also a guest at the TUI SENSATORI Resort Azul Mexico in November, and in her review titled “Some bits 5* others less than 1*“, she says that she suffered from “extreme diarrhoea for most of [the] holiday” and “couldn’t venture far from [the] toilet“. She says that it “started following [a] meal at [the] Mexican restaurant and [a] lobster meal on [the] beach“.

She also says that “there was an awful stench in certain areas of the grounds” which she suggests was “sewage related” and on “one day, the whole hotel had no running water for many hours“. She also comments on “3 white pipes running onto beach discharging brown liquid down beach directly into [the] sea“.

Hotelier discusses improvements

The following is an excerpt from the response from the Hotel Manager at the Azul Beach Resort Sensatori Mexico to ‘Matthew B’s review:

We are truly very sorry for what seems to have been a disappointing stay. Your comments have been discussed in great detail in order to identify where immediate improvements can be made to perfect our experience.

Cyclospora in Mexico

Our travel law team have extensive experience of handling claims for Cyclospora from holidaymakers returning from Mexico. Unfortunately, it appears to be an on-going problem for a selection of hotels in the Riviera Maya region which is likely being caused by faecal contamination in the supply chain.

Cyclospora is a hazardous parasite that can result in symptoms such as watery diarrhoea, nausea, stomach cramps and abdominal discomfort, fatigue, weight loss and a loss of appetite. If you believe that you’ve contracted it, it’s important to ask a medical practitioner to test you for Cyclospora. Although stool sample tests can reveal a variety of food poisoning pathogens, in our experience, it’s important to ask specifically to be tested for Cyclospora, as you may need different antibiotics to what would be required to treat other stomach illnesses.

Find out if you can claim compensation

If you’ve been diagnosed with Cyclospora or suspect that you’ve contracted a food poisoning pathogen while on an all-inclusive package holiday to Mexico, get in touch with a member of our travel law team. We can provide you with a free no-obligation consultation and if you meet the requirements to make a claim under The Package Travel Regulations 1992, we may be able to represent you on a ‘no win no fee‘ basis.

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