Guests have reported being affected by stomach sickness while staying at the Grand Memories Varadero in Cuba. A number of reviewers listed issues with hygiene at the resort, as well as commenting on problems that ranged from the food to the facilities found around the hotel, suggesting there may be cleanliness concerns that could be causing illness at the Cuban resort.

The Grand Memories Varadero in Cuba

The Grand Memories Varadero in Cuba is advertised by Thomson as an all-inclusive holiday destination aimed at British holidaymakers, situated within walking distance from the beach and only a short bus ride away from the markets and shops of Varadero. The Cuban hotel features a buffet restaurant which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as the use of two outdoor pools.

Holidaymakers report stomach illness and hygiene concerns

TripAdvisor reviews for the Grand Memories Varadero are generally quite favourable, with the hotel averaging a score of 3.5 out of 5, based on 2,165 reviews. Some holiday makers, however, left reviews commenting that they were unwell while staying at the hotel:

‘Claire C’ submitted a review of her stay in August titled “Poor memories” in which she states that the hotel did not “meet expectations“. In regards to the food, ‘Claire C’ points out that it was “atrocious” and “lukewarm“, with “flies all over the food” in the dining hall. This led to her partner catching a “tummy bug” which led to him losing weight while on holiday due to being unable to eat.

‘Claire C’ goes on to explain the rooms were rarely cleaned and that the pool was also dirty.

‘gunnerpaul71’ expressed concerns about the hygiene standards at the Grand Memories Varadero in a review of his stay in August titled “Do not stay at this hotel!“, in which he mentions that the hotel was “very dirty” and that the in the pool there were “clumps of hair floating around“.

‘Edward M’ wrote a TripAdvisor review of his stay in July titled “Not so grand“. In his review, he stated that “food in the main buffet areas is never hot” and that “the hygiene, particularly around food, is a genuine health risk“. He goes on to say that “of the 11 of [his party] who arrived at the hotel on 30[th] July 2017, 8 had a serious stomach complaint“. Edward also pointed out that the bedding in his hotel room was not changed in ten days.

A reviewer by the name of ‘booLincoln’ left a review documenting his stay in June titled “Keep well away“. He said that the food was “poor” and it made him “ill for 4 days“, also stating that “lots of [other] people“. He says that when he queried the illness with the staff, they “denied any problem“.

What you should you do if you become ill on holiday

If you become ill on holiday, it’s important to seek medical advice as soon as possible, so that you can obtain a diagnosis from a trained medical practitioner. Depending on your symptoms and their severity, it might not be clear whether your illness needs addressing immediately, or if you should wait for your condition to improve on its own.

By receiving a professional diagnosis, you could avoid the risk of leaving a serious condition untreated, that could result in further health complications.

If you find yourself suffering from stomach issues like abdominal pain or cramps, diarrhoea or vomiting while on holiday, then you could be suffering from a gastric illness pathogen that requires urgent treatment.

Hygiene and cleanliness issues on holiday

Some illnesses caught abroad can be self-limiting, meaning that your condition will resolve in due course. Other illnesses, however, require a course of antibiotics or other medications in order to make an effective recovery and prevent any potential long term effects.

The decision whether or not to seek the advice of a medical professional is for you to make, however, if you suffer the symptoms of a gastric illness that persist for more than 24 hours, it is generally advised to seek out a doctor so that you can obtain a diagnosis and treatment.

You may be able to claim compensation for your illness

If you were diagnosed with some sort of stomach illness or bug while on an all-inclusive package holiday, then you could be entitled to claim compensation under The Package Travel Regulations 1992.

Our specialised travel law team offer a free no-obligation consultation, during which they can advise whether or not you are eligible to claim on a ‘no win no fee‘ basis.

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