Holidaymakers have commented that they encountered potentially concerning hygiene issues at the Holiday Village Kos by Atlantica, where some reviewers have stated that there’s a problem with birds in some of the dining areas, and others have said that they became ill during their stay.

The Holiday Village Kos by Atlantica in Greece

Advertised by TUI-owned First Choice on an all-inclusive basis, the Holiday Village Kos by Atlantica is situated in the Mamari region of Kos, one of the South Aegean Islands of Greece. The Greek resort includes a kids’ splash park and a variety of dining options that should make it an ideal choice for British holidaymakers.

Reports of birds in dining areas and holiday illness

On TripAdvisor the Holiday Village Kos has the Certificate of Excellence and has received mostly positive reviews, earning the Greek resort an average review score of 4 out of 5 and placing it amongst the top 5 hotels in Marmari. Unfortunately, several reviewers have commented on problems at the Holiday Village Kos that could result in guests becoming unwell if not addressed.

In her review of her stay this July titled “Worst Hotel Ever Stayed In“, London holidaymaker ‘PoppyHopkins’ says that she “booked this [hotel] for [her] 60th Birthday with [her] Husband, Children and Grandchildren“.

She says that there were several issues, including a problem with “ants“, adding that the “bed linen which [her Granddaughter] was sick on [was] left in the room overnight“. She continues to explain that “5 members of [her] party of 9 were ill after eating in the Greek Restaurant“.

‘PoppyHopkins’ also says that “the mop which was used to mop up the sick was used to clean the floor in [their] room next door“, “if you move the tables in the main dining room they are filthy where they are not cleaned underneath“, and “there is also a bird’s nest above one of the tables which is disgusting“.

‘Ritchie2’ also wrote a review of his stay in July titled “Incredibly poor by Atlantica“. In his review, he says that “by far the biggest problem is the food“. He explains that “everything is cheap, overcooked, lukewarm and poorly done” and he “suspects [that] the vast majority of the food is frozen and reheated“.

He says that “they have show-cooking stations but they don’t cook to order and simply create large piles of cold food for customers to take, then cook more fresh food to go cold“.

He also says that there’s a “severe lack of toilets” and “the ones near the kids club smell awful“.

‘Mollymoopa’ wrote a review of their stay in June which was simply titled “Rip off“. In her review, she says that “the restaurant […] was horrendous” and “the food wasn’t great“. She says that her husband “had [diarrhoea] for three days” and she is “never […] doing a First Choice holiday again“.

In their review of their stay in June titled “Not completely terrible but far from good… I advise avoid and look for alternatives“, ‘drowl212’ says that they “only used the playground towards the end of the holiday but […] believe [that] it is fundamentally unsafe and refused to allow [their] kids to [use] large parts of it“.

They also say that they “had an ant problem, significant mould issues, broken blind complete with squashed insects“, and “due to a big damp problem [the] light fittings were corroded“.

They go on to explain that there were “birds nesting in the ceiling of the alfresco area“, commenting that they “deposited gifts on floor, table and in one case a plate of food during their trips“. They say that “the hotel claims to have an environmental policy but [they are] sure it would be very easy to block the gaps and provide an alternative nesting area pre-nesting season“.

Health risk posed by birds on holiday

Issues such as poor hygiene at an all-inclusive hotel are easy to identify, but the health risk posed by the presence of birds in hotel dining areas isn’t always immediately apparent. Birds can spread a wide range of diseases through their excrement, which can be contracted by coming into direct contact with their droppings or by consuming food that has been contaminated.

Visiting the hospital or a medical centre with a holiday illness

There are many different approaches that a hotel could take to prevent birds from accessing dining areas, and by preventing them from doing so, they could reduce the risks that their guests will get sick during their stay.

Find out if you’re able to make a claim

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