Reviewers have commented that they suffered the symptoms of a gastric illness during their stay at the Hotel Best Benalmadena in Spain, with one holidaymaker implying that they suffered from an E. coli infection.

The Hotel Best Benalmadena in Spain

Situated in the popular Costa Del Sol region of Spain, the Hotel Best Benalmadena is advertised by Jet2 Holidays and TUI-owned Thomson on an all-inclusive basis to British holidaymakers. Featuring a beachfront location and a range of facilities, the resort is an attractive choice for British tourists looking to make the most of the great Spanish weather.

Holidaymakers report suffering illness at Costa Del Sol hotel

The Hotel Best Benalmadena ranks highly against the other resorts in Benalmadena according to TripAdvisor, where the site holds an average ranking of 4/5 from over 1,000 reviews, however, reviewers who stayed at the Spanish resort this June have highlighted potential problems:

‘Mrs E’ from Newcastle upon Tyne wrote a review titled “Tummy bug!!! E. Coli” in which she says that the “hotel is spotless, [the] staff [are] friendly and [the] food [is] excellent“, but they “got a tummy bug which started the day before [she] left“.

She explains that it started “with just a headache“, but “on arriving home [she has] spent 3 days running to the toilet“, and during her stay, she “never ate outside the hotel as [her holiday] was all-inclusive“.

She goes on to say that “the hotel definitely has a problem and they know but are trying to hide it” as “they have antibacterial hand gel everywhere“, and even though she used the gel, she says that they “ask you to sign a disclaimer form on leaving to cover themselves“.

‘Mrs E’ concludes her review by saying that “other guests have reported [suffering] the same [symptoms]” and that “the hotel needs to get it sorted“.

Dudley holidaymaker ‘keza88’ wrote a review of their stay at the Hotel Best Benalmadena titled “Brilliant holiday – shame about the sickness bug“. In it, they say that they “couldn’t fault [the] holiday whatsoever… until [their] sister, her husband, [their] son, [their] dad and [their] partner became ill all on different days one after another with [severe] sickness, diarrhoea and stomach cramps“.

They continue to say that their “holiday was ruined“, as “they couldn’t eat or drink anything and if they did it came straight back out“, commenting that “as [as they write their review, they’re] lying in bed with the sickness bug” and their “8-month old [has it] too“.

They say that they’ve “both had sickness and diarrhoea with awful cramps since yesterday morning” and their “poor boy isn’t eating and can barely hold back a bottle“.

In her review titled “Warning Sickness and [diarrhoea]“, ‘JoJoB10’ says that “four out of seven of [her holiday party] ended up terribly ill with sickness and [diarrhoea]“. She adds that “after talking to lots of other hotel guests it turned out so many people had been affected“, including “a group of fifteen Irish people [who] were over for a wedding” of which “eleven had been ill“.

She says that “when [they] spoke to [a] hotel manager, he said that a virus was airborne up and down the coast“, however they comment that they “had friends at other hotels nearby that had no problems“.

She says that they “spoke to a chemist and [people in the] local restaurants and they said they knew nothing of a virus“, adding that they “believe the hotel [was] just trying to cover their backs“. She says that “when [they] raised [their] concerns with the management [they] were [accused of] lying“.

‘Glyn T’ wrote a review titled “Sickness bug June 2017” in which they say that “they have a serious problem with a good 50% of the guests experiencing a chronic sickness bug“. They say that they suffered the symptoms “for 2 days” and have “never felt so ill“.

They believe that “the hotel [is] aware of this problem but [is failing] to warn guests“.

Hotel responds to sick holidaymaker

In their response to ‘keza88’, the Manager Raúl Ariza says that he “would have liked to receive some medical certificate about [their] sickness“, advising that they “could have brought this to the attention of any member of staff or management who would have been more than happy to provide [them] with any alternative“.

He also comments that they “follow all the Health & Safety requirements in [food] handling and preservation and [their] staff is highly trained“.

Advice on claiming for compensation

If you want to make a holiday illness claim, you might find that an hotelier or your tour operator will request that you provide them with medical evidence or that you see their resort doctor.

Visiting the hospital or a medical centre with a holiday illness

Seeing a medical practitioner is highly recommended, as is advising a member of staff at your resort and your tour operator of your condition, but if you wish to make a claim, it’s advisable to receive legal advice from a travel law specialist first.

Causes of E. coli on holiday

E. coli can be contracted in a variety of different ways. It’s usually caused by faecal matter contamination, which can be caused by meat such as beef being improperly prepared. Infection can also be caused by consuming contaminated water and produce being washed in contaminated water, as well as through contact with people who have already contracted the harmful bacteria.

Make a claim under The Package Travel Regulations 1992

If you’ve contracted an illness such as E. coli while on an all-inclusive package holiday, then under The Package Travel Regulations 1992, you could be entitled to claim compensation from your tour operator.

Our travel law specialists can provide you with a free no-obligation consultation, during which we can assess your case. If we’re able to represent you we can do so on a ‘no win no fee‘ basis.

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