Guests at the ClubHotel Riu Costa del Sol have been commenting on a gastric illness that they suffered in reviews of their recent stay at the Spanish hotel. Although the cause of illness is not clear at this time, some of the reviewers have commented on potential problems with the hotel’s hygiene.

The ClubHotel Riu Costa del Sol in Andalucia

Situated on the coast of the south of Spain not far from Málaga, the ClubHotel Riu Costa del Sol in Andalucia is advertised by TUI-owned tour operators Thomson and First Choice on an all-inclusive basis as being close to the popular Torremolinos beach and featuring a choice of restaurants.

Reports of a possible Gastroenteritis infection

The ClubHotel Riu Costa del Sol (also known as the Riu Club Hotel Costa del SOL) has received mostly positive reviews on TripAdvisor, where at the time of writing the hotel has received their ‘Certificate of Excellence’, however recent reviews by holidaymakers who stayed at the Spanish hotel in March and April have highlighted a potential problem with Gastroenteritis.

‘david86669’ from Bolsover stayed at the Riu Costa del Sol this May, and in his review titled “mixed bag“, he says that “the food in the buffet was varied but [at] times was lukewarm” and he says that he “often witnessed [the] cooks reheating food“.

Sunderland holidaymaker ‘Allison W’ stayed at the Riu Costa del Sol in April, and in her review titled “Easter Holiday” she says that her “husband […] got the sickness bug that was going around“.

‘5Tanner’ from Derby was also a guest in April, and in their review that was simply titled “Not a pleasant experience“, they say that the “manager rang [their] room […] as [they] were both ill with gastroenteritis” which she says “ruined the holiday“.

She goes on to say that the “[doctor] had been to a number of guests” but “the hotel appeared to take no safety precautions to prevent [disease from] spreading“, explaining that “no one was encouraged to use the hand gel available at the entrance to the restaurant” and they “were in the room” where they were “ill a lot“.

‘charlotte e’ also stayed at the Riu Costa del Sol this April, and in her review that could be seen as being aptly titled “Really put off“, she says that she doesn’t “know why the hotel [staff] don’t ensure that EVERYONE uses the antibacterial gel when entering the restaurant“, saying that “it should be enforced like when [they’ve] been on cruises“.

She goes on to explain that she “had to go through at least half a tray at one point to find a clean glass at breakfast and [she thinks that] this is why [her] Mum got absolutely the most awful [gastroenteritis] on the night before [they] returned“. She continues to say that she has “never seen her so poorly“, and is “disappointed as to why if the hotel [knows] that a bug is going [around], why do they not inform guests“.

She concludes her review by saying that she is “definitely put off“, as she “booked this [holiday as] a Mother’s Day present“, but at the time of writing her “Mum is still recovering“.

Nottinghamshire holidaymaker ‘lyndamplace’ wrote a review of their stay titled “Never again” in which she says that the “food was never hot” and the “hygiene in all [of the] food [serving] areas was a concern“. She says that they “asked a manager why the hand gels were not used” and that they were “told they couldn’t enforce the use of [antibacterial] gels“.

She says that “all 3 of [her holiday party members] were ill“, explaining that “2 [were ill while at] the hotel and the other [holiday party member was ill] on [their] return“. She says that they “did not eat outside the hotel” and the symptoms of their illness including “violent sickness and diarrhoea” which left them feeling “weak“.

‘lyndamplace’ goes on to say that they “knew of others [who had suffered the] same problem“, requiring “doctor’s visits” as well as “advice from [a] chemist” and the “appropriate medication” to help their condition.

In her review titled “Not recommended“, ‘Adele A’ who was a guest this April says that the “food and drinks [were of a] very cheap quality” and she implies that since returning home she has “still [had] problems with [her] stomach“.

Newport holidaymaker ‘Kinawi26’ also stayed at the Riu Costa del Sol in April, and in her review titled “Holiday for 11 nights” she says that her “partner got gastroenteritis” meaning that they “had [to get] the doctor out“.

She continues to say that she’s “not sure if [her partner’s condition was] due to dirty bowls and plates“, and that “there are many areas of food monitoring and cleanliness” that she feels need to be addressed.

She says that the combination of “seeing [her partner] so ill and [finding] a hair on [her] plate or bowl a number of times has put [her] off” of the Riu Costa del Sol, and she believes that it “would be better if they had regulations like we do at home“.

What is Gastroenteritis?

Gastroenteritis is essentially an infectious form of diarrhoea that affects the stomach and small intestines, resulting in an inflammation of the gastric tract. If you suffer from diarrhoea, vomiting, abdominal pain, a fever, lethargy and dehydration, it’s possible that you’ve contracted a bacterial infection that is causing Gastroenteritis.

Gastroenteritis could ruin your package holiday

Claim holiday illness compensation from your tour operator

Food poisoning and poor hygiene can be common causes of Gastroenteritis, and if you suffer the conditions of a debilitating illness on a package holiday at an all-inclusive resort, you might be able to claim compensation from your tour operator.

As part of a free no-obligation consultation, our travel law specialists can assess your case and advise you of the best option to pursue your complaint, including whether we can help you to make a ‘no win no feecompensation claim.

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