Reviewers have commented on the possibility that they suffered food poisoning during their stay at the Dreams Punta Cana Resort & Spa in the Dominican Republic, with some guests saying that they were hospitalised by their ordeal.

The Dreams Punta Cana Resort & Spa in the Dominican Republic

The Dreams Punta Cana Resort & Spa is situated in a popular area of Uvero Alto in the Dominican Republic and advertised by UK tour operator Thomas Cook on an all-inclusive basis. The Punta Cana hotel appears to have a lot to offer British tourists, but recent reports have shed light on a potential problem with a gastric illness.

Potential gastric illness reported in reviews

While the reviews for the Dreams Punta Cana on TripAdvisor are mostly positive, some reviewers have commented that they may have suffered food poisoning at the Punta Cana hotel this April.

TripAdvisor user ‘dm41076’ wrote a review titled “DON’T GO THERE“, in which they say that the “food is awful” and they say that they suffered from a “food [borne] illness“, continuing to say that “many of [their] kids got sick and were misdiagnosed at the resort only to wind up at the hospital“.

In their review titled “meh- to- OK-to-pretty good” ‘schicago’ says that her “husband got sick [with a gastrointestinal condition] after the first day“, which she believes may have been caused by “food poisoning“.

‘Ilovetraveling9988’ had similar comments to make in their review titled “I got very sick too…but does Dreams really care?” in which she says that they “got very sick […] after a few days“, explaining that they were “bedridden (literally) for 3 days” and suffered from “horrible stomach issues, high fever, extreme fatigue” and “dehydration“.

In their review “Dreams was a mixed bag experience with a couple of disappointments“, ‘MarkPi’ says that after “the first couple of nights” at the Dreams Punta Cana “things quickly began to unravel as people [began] getting sick at the resort“. He says that his “brother-in-law was the first in [their] party to [suffer from] abdominal pains and chills“, and he was “admitted to the hospital and put on IVs“, where he was also “tested” to assess his condition.

He explains that he “saw other resort guests also in the hospital with [his] brother-in-law“, and he noticed “that not all [of the] restaurants” at the Dreams Punta Cana encouraged “visitors [to] use anti-bacterial soap before entering“.

He goes on to say that the hotelier “state [that] they are certified by Check Safety First, but standards are only good if you enforce them“, something that he states “was not done“. He says that he “noticed cooks not wearing gloves while preparing food“, and while “the staff did try their best to accommodate the situation“, he says that “they should have been aware of the outbreak and taken corrective measures“, and they should have “notified the guests“.

Food poisoning and the importance of seeing a doctor

Some of us can be guilty of avoiding a trip to the doctors unless it’s absolutely necessary, but when it comes to a gastric illness on holiday, it’s best not to gamble with your health.

Even if you are of the mindset that if you hold out until you get home, you’ll be able to enjoy the rest of your holiday, by seeking out help sooner rather than later, you might find that through a swift diagnosis and treatment, you can actually get on with enjoying yourself.

Getting food poisoning treated by a doctor on holiday

If you think that you have suffered a bout of food poisoning, it can be beneficial to ask a doctor or medical professional to carry out a stool sample test. Doing so could help to more accurately diagnose and treat a food poisoning pathogen such as Salmonella, E. coli or Campylobacter, and it will likely also make the process of claiming compensation much more straight forwards if you choose to do so when you get back to the UK.

Wearing gloves versus hand washing

While it can be argued that wearing gloves when preparing meals isn’t essential, doing so can help to reduce the risk of spreading infection. Hand washing is only as effective at killing bacteria as the soap and technique that are being used, and it’s equally as important to have access to clean running water, something which isn’t always possible in certain countries.

Conversely, if a food handler hasn’t effectively washed their hands, the risk that they’ll contaminate your meal could be reduced by wearing gloves, provided that they are changed between handling different types of produce.

You might be able to claim compensation

In the event that you have been subjected to questionable hygiene standards and subsequently suffered the symptoms of a gastric illness on a package holiday, or if you’ve been diagnosed with a form of food poisoning by a doctor, then under The Package Travel Regulations 1992 you could be entitled to compensation from your tour operator.

If you would like to find out if you’re able to make a ‘no win no fee‘ claim, just get in touch with a member of our travel law team and we’ll provide you with a free no-obligation consultation, during which we advise you of the best method to pursue your claim.

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