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By Andrew Tarling

Holiday Compensation Claims Manager

Holidaymaker reports that they were hospitalised by a gastric illness that he suffered while staying at the Grand Riviera Princess in Mexico, stating that they were questioned by the Ministry of Health following their illness, indicating that there could be an unreported health problem at the Mexican hotel.

Grand Riviera Princess in the Riviera Maya, Mexico

Also known as the Grand Riviera Princess All Suites Resort & Spa, the Grand Riviera Princess is located in the increasingly popular Riviera Maya region of Mexico and advertised by TUI-owned tour operator First Choice on an all-inclusive basis.

Including 8 swimming pools and 8 restaurants, this Mexican hotel has plenty of choices, but we have previously received reports from holidaymakers who said that this hotel was affected by the Mexican Cyclospora outbreak that occurred last summer. It’s possible that guests staying at this hotel in the future could be subjected to further health problems.

Holidaymaker reports suffering severe gastric illness

Reviews for the Grand Riviera Princess on sites such as TripAdvisor are generally quite positive, with only a handful of reviewers highlighting problems with facilities and services that require attention, but one holidaymaker reported suffering a debilitating holiday illness:

‘smellink86’ stayed at the Grand Riviera Princess in February, and although they comment on an excellent first impression of the Mexican hotel, things soon took a turn for the worse. They report that they “arrived on Monday the 13th of February and by Thursday it started“, explaining that they soon began to suffer from “diarrhoea“.

They explain that they tried to make the most of their break abroad by visiting “one of the à la carte restaurants on Saturday“, but it turned out “that was [the] last meal that [they] could eat.” They comment that “by Sunday [they were] vomiting and had […] diarrhoea“, explaining that on their journey home they “had to be taken on the plane by wheelchair, and taken off the same way“.

By the “Tuesday evening [they] ended up [travelling] by ambulance [to] the hospital [due to] severe dehydration“, adding that at the time of writing they “still [have] diarrhoea” and “the ministry of health asked some questions [for] a report“.

Risk of dehydration when suffering a gastric illness

While the symptoms that are usually attributed to food poisoning can be quite distressing on their own, dehydration can also follow ongoing vomiting and diarrhoea and this can lead to further feelings of nausea, headaches, dizziness and other symptoms. If severe dehydration is not addressed, it can result in lost fluids needing to be swiftly replaced, potentially through an intravenous drip, which on holiday can mean a trip to a foreign hospital.

Dehydration caused by holiday sickness

Why government enquiries should raise alarms

In some instances, it can be difficult to ascertain the precise cause of an illness, and hoteliers and tour operators are rarely willing to accept the blame. In some instances, they might suggest that an airborne virus, drinking too much or a change in your environment could be to blame for your condition, but often we find that food poisoning is to blame.

While a virus might still be to blame, in instances where a government body such as the Ministry of Health ask holidaymakers questions when they become unwell, in some scenarios, such as the incident of a Cyclospora outbreak last summer, their presence could be indicative of a problem with the food supply chain.

When any government health official investigates a holiday illness, it’s likely because they have concerns about a potential outbreak. It’s possible that you are involved in what may be a widespread health problem, so it’s advisable to talk candidly with them.

Claim compensation for your ruined package holiday

Whether you speak to a government official or not, if you believe that an illness you suffered on an all-inclusive package holiday could have been prevented by better hygiene or cooking standards, then under The Package Travel Regulations 1992 you could be entitled to claim compensation from your tour operator.

Our travel law specialists can provide you with a free no-obligation consultation, during which we can advise you of how much compensation you might be able to claim from your tour operator and whether we can provide you with representation on a ‘no win no fee‘ basis.

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