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By Andrew Tarling

Holiday Compensation Claims Manager

We’ve been contacted by several holidaymakers who say that they’ve suffered the holiday ruining symptoms of a gastric illness while staying at the Jaz Aquamarine, where it appears that there may be on-going issues with hygiene standards.

Jaz Aquamarine in Hurghada

The Jaz Aquamarine is offered by TUI, who own both Thomson and First Choice as part of their Platinum and Premier brands of hotels. The all-inclusive hotel is located in the popular resort town of Hurghada in the Red Sea region of Egypt and features 17 pools, 2 waterparks and a choice of buffet and à la carte restaurants.

Early in the year, we were contacted by several holidaymakers who suffered the symptoms of a gastric illness at the Jaz Aquamarine, and while from online reviews it appears that things have improved at the Hurghada hotel, there may still be issues with hygiene that have yet to be addressed.

Guest reports hygiene problems and illness

The holidaymakers who we spoke to advised us that they had encountered a number of concerning hygiene issues in the hotel restaurants, including flies in the hotel buffet, where the pests had access to the food. They also added that the food was lukewarm and on at least one occasion they observed one of the chefs drop a utensil on the floor before continuing to use it. They say that the basics of cleanliness were being ignored in the restaurants, as the found that the tables were left dirty for some time after guests had finished eating, and the cutlery wasn’t clean.

During their package holiday, they say that they suffered the symptoms of a gastric infection, experiencing bouts of diarrhoea, debilitating stomach cramps and a loss of appetite; putting a dampener on what should have been an enjoyable break abroad.

Brit tourist reports group of sick holidaymakers

The holidaymakers who contacted us are not alone, as Isle of Wight holidaymaker ‘Nigel B’ shared comments of a similar experience of his stay at the Jaz Aquamarine in October in his review on TripAdvisor. The disappointed British tourist says that he “should have listened to [his] wife and daughter who visited Egypt 9 years ago“, as out of his group 8; 6 “had doggie tummies” continuing to point out that “the food was mostly lukewarm“. As with the holidaymakers who have contacted us, he says that at “some meal times from start to finish, not one person visited [their] table to clear what [they] had left“.

The importance of clearing dirty restaurant plates

Allowing tables to pile up with old food might seem like a minor oversight in a busy hotel restaurant, but it highlights that there may be a lack of understanding of basic hygiene processes. Once food has been served it begins to cool and in this time it’s possible for harmful bacteria to begin to grow. While it’s unlikely for this to cause you harm if a plate has been left out for a few minutes, over longer periods of time this can present a serious health risk. The same theory applies to buffet food when it has been allowed to reach unsafe temperatures before it finds its way to your plate.

Floors and holiday illness

Hotel restaurant cutlery should always be clean

Plates and cutlery need to be effectively cleaned, otherwise, the hotel restaurant staff could be gambling with the health of their guests. Again, this might seem like a minor niggle, but with no idea where a piece of cutlery has been or how long it has been left dirty, harmful microscopic organisms could begin to grow which could result in an awful bout of holiday illness.

Possible lack of HACCP standards

Usually following and enforcing standardised hygiene processes such as HACCP should be enough, however, it’s been reported to us that the hotel restaurant chef has been sighted dropping utensils on the floor at the Jaz Aquamarine, before using them again. This is the most basic of hygiene errors and could have resulted in any bacteria or parasites living on the floor being transferred to the meals being served.

Flies can be a health hazard

Flies can do a lot of damage to your health due to their natural attraction to highly hazardous faecal matter. If they land on your food after landing on faecal matter, then they can transfer harmful bacteria or parasites to your meal, which can cause health complications.

Find out more about claiming compensation

We find that many of the missteps which result in British tourists suffering holiday illness could have been prevented. In the event that you’re affected by such a holiday illness that could have been prevented at the Jaz Aquamarine or any other all-inclusive hotel on a package holiday, then under The Package Holiday Regulations 1992, you might be entitled to claim compensation.

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