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By James Blower

Senior Holiday Claims Specialist

Paradise Island sounds like an idyllic all-inclusive resort, but from reviews left by previous guests, it appears that this paradise is more of a holiday hell. Guests reviewing the hotel have shared their experiences of insect infestations, low-quality food, sewage smells and possible food poisoning at the Canary Island resort.

Aparthotel Paradise Island in Lanzarote

The Aparthotel Paradise Island, also known as the Hotel López Paradise Island, is located in the popular Playa Blanca region of the southern tip of Lanzarote; one of the Canary Islands. Advertised by UK tour operator Thomas Cook as part of their Aquamania brand, this hotel features a “dinosaur-themed waterpark, which has multi-lane slides and an activity pool for younger children” along with all-inclusive restaurants, bars and entertainment.

Guests report food poisoning and hygiene issues

Reviews left by guests of the Paradise Island do not appear to reflect its namesake, and while some guests have had positive things to say, others have suffered a nasty sickness bug possibly caused by hygiene problems and around the hotel:

In his review titled “The Worst Holiday Ever” Colchester holidaymaker ‘Pedrosgoro’ stayed at the Aparthotel Paradise Island in October and says that the “food was dreadful, repetitive, tasteless, often over salty and boring“, commenting that he “spoke to at least a dozen people who said it made them ill“. He adds that he, his “wife and son all suffered sickness and diarrhoea“, in their room they “had to have the door closed all the time because of the stench of sewage“, they “had loads of bugs in the bathroom” and “the rooms often had cockroaches in“.

‘Tia-alyce B’ had a particularly traumatic experience at the Paradise Island in October, saying that “upon arriving at [their] hotel room [they] were disgusted to find an insect infestation in which the insects then had [laid] eggs in all of [their] clothes” and they found that the “food was dirty… finding about 7 hairs submerged within a week and a dead fly that had been marinating in the beans“.

Durham holidaymaker ’77skye’ travelled to the Paradise Island with her son at the start of October and has a number of comments about the standard of hygiene, suggesting that the hotel should be called “Ant, Fly and Cockroach Island“. She says that they found that their room was “riddled with ants” and her son was “unwell vomiting“. She also found that there were “cockroaches running all over” the “bedroom floor“.

Rochester holidaymaker ‘dangerousbrian2012’ also stayed in October and says that “there was also a very strong smell of sewage around the whole hotel but some places were worse than others… the smell appeared worse during the morning.” They add that “the food is awful” and the dining area is “untidy” and there was “food everywhere on the floor” which appears to have attracted “cockroaches“.

‘Natalie H’ stayed at the Aparthotel Paradise Island in September and says that the “air-conditioning leaking in [their] room which made [her] 1 year old very poorly” along with herself and her “husband.” She adds that the “food was absolutely disgusting“, “wasn’t hot enough” and they all “had food poisoning” resulting in “5 days [of] being ill.” She also says that there are “too many poor treated cats and diseased birds” at the hotel.

Holiday sickness duration

Concerns about sewage smell

While the reports of a sewage smell could be due to a nearby treatment plant, the smell of sewage around any resort is always concerning. It could imply that there is an inadequate infrastructure in place, which could result in the ground becoming contaminated, which would be exceptionally hazardous to guests, potentially causing debilitating illnesses.

Insects can spread disease

Holidaymakers can write off insects as part of what travelling to a hot country entails, but some insects can spread disease, and more importantly are often easy to deter. There are many hotels in hot climates that don’t have insect problems, usually because they put deterrents in place to make sure that flies, ants and cockroaches (which may have come into contact with harmful bacteria or parasites) don’t spread any diseases to your meal.

Poor quality food could be a concern

While we tend to use our sense of taste to find meals that we like or don’t like, it also helps us to find out if food could be bad for us. While this is not always the case, generally, disliking food can be seen as a warning that something isn’t right. If you’re put off by a meal that is being served in a kitchen with bad hygiene practices, avoiding it could save you from a bout of food poisoning.

Claim holiday illness compensation

Many of the illness-causing problems that can be encountered on holiday could be prevented. If you suffer a package holiday illness at an all-inclusive, then under The Package Travel Regulations 1992 you might be able to claim compensation.

It only takes a brief no-obligation consultation with one of our travel law specialists to find out if you can make a claim, so contact us today to find out about claiming ‘no win no feeholiday compensation.

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