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By Claire Rabbetts

Holiday Accident and Illness Claims Specialist

There have been reports of a sickness bug at the Hotel Sol Falco, where from TripAdvisor reviews it appears that although hotel staff members have been taking steps to prevent any further spread of infection, cold food could be responsible for guests becoming unwell.

Sol Falco All Inclusive in Menorca

The Hotel Sol Falco, also known as the Sol Falco All Inclusive is advertised by TUI-owned tour operator First Choice as a family friendly resort “set in 10 acres of botanical gardens” and featuring a range of restaurants, swimming pools, activities and entertainment. This Spanish hotel located in the Cala’n Bosch resort town of Menorca sounds ideal, but recent reports of guests suffering food poisoning symptoms are very concerning.

Reports of cold meals and food poisoning

While many reviews on TripAdvisor for the Sol Falco are quite positive, many of them highlight that members of staff at the hotel encouraged guests visiting the restaurants to use hand sanitizer, as well as other reactionary hygiene measures. This can be seen to confirm that there was some sort of outbreak at the Sol Falco, which may have been caused by cold meals:

Bristol holidaymaker ‘HCotty’ says that during their September stay they “had food poisoning” which “has ruined [their] time away“, and even though it’s “day 5 after returning home” they still have “not recovered completely“.

‘ray B’ from Exeter also travelled in September and says that the “food choice was plentiful but unless [it was] cooked in front of you, it was always Luke warm“, and the “snack food was left out in the warm air for long periods of time.” They continue to say that “three of [their] party had sickness [and] diarrhoea on the last night which […] ruined [their] week” away.

‘James S’ says that while “the food in the restaurant had a good mix“, by the “10th day [he] was sick and tired of having a cold meal,” as “they never kept the food hot it was always lukewarm“.

‘Barry D’ also stayed at the Sol Falco for a week in September, and says that his holiday party all suffered “food poisoning […] from day 3.” He continues to say that all 4 members of his group “suffered devastating vomiting and diarrhoea for 2 days“, leaving “the rooms […] in a mess due to the illness.” He continues to comment that “the hotel had been suffering massive outbreaks for the previous 2 weeks” and “should be closed until it has a clean bill of health.

The importance of good food hygiene

While buffets offer hotel guests a quick and easy way to get meals, it’s the hoteliers’ responsibility to ensure that they take steps to prevent the spread of food poisoning. Every hotel restaurant should have some sort of process in place to ensure this, with those maintaining HACCP-type standards often providing the most effective way of reducing the risk of a harmful pathogen ruining your holiday.

Basic hotel hygiene - antibacterial spray

One of the most basic methods to reduce the risk of food poisoning is to put processes in place to ensure that safe temperatures are maintained at all times. This includes ensuring that meals have been thoroughly cooked to eradicate any harmful bacteria or parasites and making sure that when placed in buffet dishes, these meals stay hot until they are consumed.

If the Sol Falco has allowed their buffet and snack food to reach unsafe temperatures, it’s possible that guests have been eating meals that have caused them to become unwell. If this is the case then those affected may be entitled to claim compensation.

Why you can claim compensation

Under The Package Travel Regulations 1992 (PTRs), it’s your tour operators responsibility to take reasonable precautions to keep you safe while on a package holiday. So if you booked a package holiday to an all-inclusive hotel abroad through a UK based tour operator and suffered an illness that could have been prevented, then under the PTRs you may be able to make a claim.

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