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By James Blower

Senior Holiday Claims Specialist

We’ve received reports that holidaymakers have suffered from a Cryptosporidium infection at the Flamingo Beach hotel in Lanzarote, where from what has been revealed by online reviews it’s possible that a lack of pool maintenance has caused a number of guests to experience this debilitating holiday illness.

Family Life Flamingo Beach/Holiday Village Flamingo Beach

The Flamingo Beach, also known as the TUI Family Life Flamingo Beach Resort, Family Life Flamingo Beach and Holiday Village Flamingo Beach, is located in the popular Lanzarote resort town of Playa Blanca in the Canary Islands. Advertised on an all-inclusive basis by First Choice and Thomson, this hotel should offer everything that a British family could want from a holiday in the sun, but it may be the case that a lack of simple pool maintenance has made their guests sick.

Reports of Cryptosporidiosis

TripAdvisor reviews for the Flamingo Beach are generally quite mixed, with some guests appearing to come away delighted with their break abroad; praising the hotel for their level of cleanliness, but other reviewers have posted scathing reviews, commenting on how their health was impacted by their stay:

Halifax holidaymaker ‘Adell72’ stayed at the Flamingo Beach in October and says that her “son was ill” and suffered from a bug that caused “vomiting“. She believes that the hotel is to blame as he “only ate at the hotel” where she says “the food was not great.

‘The-Blizz’ and her family from Birmingham were also guests at the Flamingo Beach in October, and in her review titled “Whole family struck down with cryptosporidium” she says that she “noticed there was a lot of black bits floating in the pool“, which they later had to close as it turned out that “a child had had an accident“. She says that “a few days into [their] holiday [their] daughter became really poorly with terrible diarrhoea and temperature“, and “a couple of days later“, along with her husband, they “both fell down with it too.” She continues to say that the “illness was really debilitating” and they “could only sleep and run for the bathroom“, and it took “a few days” before she could leave their hotel room.

She also says that “upon returning home [they] have visited the doctors and had tests” that have shown that they “have cryptosporidium which is a parasite caught from unclean pool water” and they have come to the conclusion that “this is clearly not a one off.

How does Cryptosporidium spread?

Cryptosporidium can be contracted by coming into contact with infected faecal matter. The parasite can happily survive in water, meaning that poorly maintained swimming pool water can present a big risk. In our experience of handling holiday compensation claims, we have found that children are most likely to be affected, mostly due to their affinity with consuming pool water.

Children drinking pool water on holiday

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms of Cryptosporidium can be quite severe. Once it has infected your bowels it inflicts a condition called Cryptosporidiosis which induces Gastroenteritis, causing debilitating diarrhoea, vomiting, and as a result of these symptoms further health complications can arise from exhaustion and dehydration.

How does it get into swimming pools?

Swimming pool water usually spreads Cryptosporidiosis because someone has passed a stool in the pool, or entered the pool with traces of faecal matter that contain the parasite. Hoteliers should be taking steps to prevent this from occurring by encouraging young children to wear the appropriate swimwear and, of course, discourage adults from taking part in the popular ‘logging‘ trend. In addition to this swimming pool water should be regularly tested for harmful bacteria and parasites, and closed in the event of a ‘code brown‘.

Claim holiday illness compensation

In the event that you lose a few days of your holiday or are unable to return to work due to a Cryptosporidium infection on a package holiday that could have been prevented, then under The Package Travel Regulations 1992, you might be able to claim compensation from your tour operator.

It doesn’t take long to find out if you’re eligible for compensation, just contact one of our travel law specialists and we’ll provide you with an informative free no-obligation consultation, during which we can let you know how much compensation you can expect to receive.

We can represent you on a ‘no win no fee‘ basis, so you can rest assured that we’ll do all that we can to maximise your compensation award.

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