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By Andrew Tarling

Holiday Compensation Claims Manager

We have been instructed by holidaymakers who have informed us that they suffered a Cryptosporidium infection at the Holiday Village Tenerife, where other guests have also reported that they’ve experienced the debilitating symptoms of this gastric illness. A faecal matter contaminated hotel swimming pool and other possible hygiene problems may be to blame.

Holiday Village Tenerife in the Canary Islands

The Holiday Village Tenerife, also known as the Hotel Be Live Family Costa los Gigantes, is located in the popular resort town of Playa de la Arena in Tenerife; one of the Canary Islands. This family focused resort is offered by TUI-owned tour operator First Choice on an all-inclusive basis, and while the resort is held in high regard by many British tourists, there may be hygiene problems resulting in guests becoming sick.

Reports of gastric illness and hygiene problems

Overall guests at the Holiday Village Tenerife are very positive about the resort on review sites such as TripAdvisor, but there are those who have commented on issues with hygiene at the resort, and a few who say that they have suffered debilitating gastric illness symptoms:

Middlesbrough holidaymaker ‘sambam81ou’ stayed at the Holiday Village Tenerife in August and says that “the food was awful” and “freezing cold at every meal.” They add that “the same leftover food was being served two days running” which they comment means that it “must have been getting heated and cooled numerous times.” They also say that “the chefs were lazy and didn’t cook thoroughly” as their “eggs were raw on more than one occasion and [the] chicken [was] bloody“, and “as a result of this [they were] ill for 4 days of the holiday with sickness and diarrhoea and a bad headache“.

‘Cmgcr’ from Portsmouth comments that there was a “pool closure while [they were] there due to someone pooing“, “the food never looked that nice and was always cold, not just lukewarm but completely cold” and “while eating breakfast a cockroach run out from under [their] table.” They add that their “son had diarrhoea and sickness for 2 days which [they] think was [due to] the food“, and during their stay, there were “some other people complaining too“.

‘Megan B’ says that there were “cockroaches and various other insects in buffet restaurant” which she says “should be thoroughly cleaned regularly to ensure high hygiene.” She adds that the “air-conditioning gave [her] a really bad throat most days and after a week of being there [she] started with a dry cough from it“, and during their 2 week stay “there [were] two occasions [when] someone had a poo in the pool.

‘Stubomeak’ also stayed at the Holiday Village Tenerife in August and says that his “air conditioning unit poured out like a shower” and while “there is quite a good variety of food“, “on the second day of [their] holiday [he] got sick” and “was unable to get out of bed except when [he] had to take trips to the bathroom“. He says that “on the 3rd day [he] was feeling slightly better” but “his boy who’s 8 years old began vomiting violently in his sleep to the point where his room was covered in sick and he had bad cramps and headaches“. He also noted that his “son’s friends […] had also been vomiting“. ‘Stubomeak’ believes that “the pools [have been] making people sick” and “something needs to be done before someone more vulnerable gets whatever has been going around“.

Kent holidaymaker ‘bettyboo03’ stayed at the Holiday Village Tenerife in October and says that the “food was cold most days [in] the main buffet” and “the quiet pool was closed 3 times while [they] were there, apparently [due to] children pooing in the pool.” She comments that her “son got a tummy bug” and was “throwing up and dashing to the loo […] for 3 days“, adding that they “witnessed 3 children vomiting at the hotel” which they believe was caused by “dodgy food or unclean pools“.

‘Laura K’ was also a guest in October and says that along with her daughter she “developed food poisoning“, explaining that the “cleaners use dirty mops to clean rooms, [the] cutlery, plates and cups [are] not properly washed” and the “toilets stink.

Torquay holidaymaker ‘Sarah C’ stayed at the Holiday Village Tenerife in September and says that while the “food [was] not bad, [it was] lukewarm most of the time” and they “found a dead [cockroach] on [her] balcony [on their] first night” and “they are in the restaurants […] crawling and scurrying from table to table“, adding that on their “final day [she] actually saw one sat happily on the tongs for the freshly sliced oranges“.

Cryptosporidium advice

Cryptosporidium could be responsible

While the Holiday Village Tenerife appear to be taking some steps to prevent faecal matter in the swimming pool from infecting guests, it’s possible that guests reporting gastric illness symptoms have been infected with Cryptosporidium. Cryptosporidium is a waterborne pathogen that is spread through contaminated faeces, meaning that a rogue stool in a hotel swimming ground creates the ideal environment for this debilitating parasite to spread.

Air-conditioning can spread Legionnaires’ disease

Poorly maintained air-conditioning units can be a nuisance, but they can also be perfect for spreading illnesses such as Legionnaires’ disease. Legionnaires’ disease can also be spread by water, and when air-conditioning units become contaminated they can spread this harmful bacterium in tiny droplets of water. Once inhaled, Legionnaires’ disease can cause breathing difficulties, coughing and gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhoea, vomiting and nausea.

Cockroaches in any hotel are concerning

Although the presence of cockroaches is not always a confirmation that a hotel is dirty, it’s rarely a good sign. Like many insects and ‘creepy-crawlies’, they can spread disease by coming into contact with unhealthy environments and transferring infections to food, plates and utensils with their feet.

Claim the compensation you’re entitled to

In our experience, many forms of food poisoning abroad could be prevented. In the event that you become unwell at an all-inclusive hotel on a package holiday due to something that could have been prevented, then under The Package Travel Regulations 1992, you could claim compensation.

Our travel law specialists can advise you within minutes if you’re able to claim compensation as part of a free no-obligation consultation. We can advise you of the amount of compensation we could pursue on your behalf, and we can offer ‘no win no fee‘ terms if you instruct us.

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