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By Claire Rabbetts

Holiday Accident and Illness Claims Specialist

Despite the recent instability in the region, Turkey is still a popular destination for British tourists, with waterpark focused destinations such as the Eftalia Splash Resort being offered as an all-inclusive option by UK tour operators. Unfortunately, online reviews by guests at this Turkish hotel have highlighted a potential illness outbreak.

Eftalia Splash Resort in Turkey

The Eftalia Splash Resort is located in the resort town of Konakli in the Antalya region of Turkey. Advertised by UK based tour operator Thomas Cook as part of their Aquamania branded resorts, this hotel features an “on-site waterpark” and activities to keep the whole family busy, however, from online reviews it appears that guests at the Eftalia Splash Resort have been kept busy with more than they bargained for.

Reports of sickness and diarrhoea bug

Reviews on TripAdvisor for the Eftalia Splash Resort are a mixed bag, with some guests praising the hotel, while others complained about the service they received. Most concerningly, there have been the widespread comments about a possible illness outbreak at the Turkey hotel:

‘Daxton13’ stayed at the Eftalia Splash Resort this October and in their review titled “Not the best holiday” they say that every member of their holiday group “had an upset stomach“, and their “3 year old was poorly for 4 days“. They add that “the pool water was then tested as many guests were very poorly.

‘Kev G’ also travelled to the Eftalia Splash Resort this October and had a few positive comments about the hotel and their members of staff, but they too say that “unfortunately some of [them] came down with sickness and diarrhoea“.

‘Joseph M’ from Sheffield stayed at the Turkish hotel in September and while he was impressed with the pools and slides, he was disappointed by the selection of food. He says that his “partner did get a bit of a tummy bug from eating something at the snack bar” and “met 3 other people that all ate on the same day and all suffered the same problems.

‘Kerry B’ also stayed there in September for the second time this year, and she says that the resort has “gone downhill“. She comments that she “fell ill 4 days in with what [she] believes was food [poisoning]“, adding that her “8 year old son did also and now [that they’re] home [he] is still poorly.” In concluding her review she says that “standards have slipped and it’s at a cost to public health“.

‘Jenny J’ commented that some of the features of the Eftalia Splash Resort did not appear to be as they were advertised to her in the brochure, and that “all 8 in [her] party were ill.” She continues to say that the “flooring [around the] pool [is] very dangerous” and her “grandson slipping while walking and split his eyebrow open and needed 4 stitches“, as did “two other children” who “also slipped over and needed stitches.

Lancashire holidaymaker ‘catherine m’ was a guest at the Eftalia Splash Resort in August and in her review she simply states; “food horrible“, and amongst a shopping list of complaints says that she has “never been so ill on holiday“.

Potential waterborne infection

Mentions of the hotel pool being closed down could indicate that holidaymakers suffered a waterborne illness; potentially a harmful bacterium such as E. coli O157, or a parasitic infection such as Cryptosporidium or Cyclospora. Whatever the pathogen, it’s rarely a good sign when a hotel swimming pool is closed close to peak season, especially after guests have become unwell.

Swimming pool water bacteria and parasites

Your sense of taste isn’t just for marmite

From comments about the standard of food at the Eftalia Splash Resort, it’s possible that those with sickness and diarrhoea are experiencing the symptoms of food poisoning. While our sense of smell, taste, and indeed our pickiness towards certain dishes is often attributed to preference (especially in instances where foods like marmite divide opinion so drastically), these senses also serve an important purpose.

These senses help you to tell if food and water are safe to eat or drink. While they aren’t infallible, it’s possible that if you weren’t too happy about eating or drinking something, then it might be best to avoid it at all; otherwise, you could end up with the debilitating symptoms of food poisoning.

You could be entitled to holiday compensation

If you book your stay at an all-inclusive hotel such as the Eftalia Splash Resort as part of a package holiday through a UK tour operator and suffer an illness that could have been prevented; you might be able to claim compensation. Under The Package Travel Regulations 1992, your tour operator should take reasonable steps to prevent you from coming to harm while on a package holiday, and it’s this regulation that enables you to make a claim.

If you were sick on holiday but aren’t sure if you’re entitled to claim compensation, just get in touch with our travel law specialists. We can provide you with a free no-obligation consultation during which we can tell you if you can make a claim and whether we can represent you on a ‘no win no fee‘ basis.

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