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By Andrew Tarling

Holiday Compensation Claims Manager

Disappointed holidaymakers have taken to review website TripAdvisor with complaints about the Blue Bay Beach Hotel, where they have pointed out a number of hygiene problems, which if left unaddressed could result in the spread of holiday illness.

Jet2 Holidays advertised Blue Bay Beach Hotel

The Blue Bay Beach Hotel is advertised by Jet2 Holidays simply as the Blue Bay Hotel. Located in the Ialyssos resort town of Rhodes in Greece, this all-inclusive beachfront hotel boasts a selection of swimming pools, restaurants, bars and entertainment options, which make this holiday destination appear very attractive to families and adults looking to get away to Greece. Unfortunately guests have reported problems at the resort, many of which have raised our concerns over the standards of hygiene at the Blue Bay.

Reports of possible hygiene problems

Reviews for the Blue Bay are mixed, with some guests praising aspects of the Greek hotel, but many others pointing out that the resort has not aged well and is in need of refurbishment. Amongst these comments were a few remarks about the standard of hygiene at the Blue Bay that have us concerned:

‘Antonia M’ travelled to the Ialyssos hotel with her husband on their honeymoon for 2 weeks, and frequently encountered problems with a lack of toilet paper, having to ask “reception for some more and why no housekeeping has been round” only to be told “there are a lot of rooms to clean“. She also added that “the toilets in the hotel are stinky and filthy.

Middlesbrough holidaymaker ‘liana21’ stayed at the Blue Bay for a week with her family of 4 and says that the “food was disappointing” and “anything that was left was re used the next day.

‘BirminghamLala’ who is aptly from Birmingham stayed at the resort from the “13th-29th August 2016” along with “two families“. She also encountered problems with a lack of toilet paper, saying that “the cleaners did not top up the toilet rolls in the room and [on] several occasions [she] had to go down to reception to get a toilet roll“, resorting to putting “a toilet roll in [her] wardrobe every day.” Later in her review she comments that the “toilets are disgusting and forever running out of toilet roll.” She adds that “one morning [they] sat next to the air conditioning which smelt like stagnant water.

Stoke-on-Trent holidaymaker ‘Gail V’ had a number of complaints, but the most concerning was her encounter with a rat. She says that they “went to [their] room one evening to be greeted by a RAT in it.” She adds that “it ran past [her] in between [feet] feet having nowhere else to go.” ‘Gail V’ says that she “was traumatised and insisted on moving rooms” without much luck in reception. She later discovered from a member of the housekeeping team that “they come up the drains“.

In a review simply titled “Never again“, ‘Harry S’ says that his “daughter was very sick” and when trying to get to the toilet was “violently sick 3 times” which meant that “the whole floor was covered“, as well as “the bed [and] the bathroom.” After waiting “45 minutes for a cleaner to come” they watched as she proceeded to clean the mess up without “water, just cleaned with a cloth and some detergent“. They add that the hotel staff “refused to replace mattress just turned it over“, which revealed a number of “blood stains“, forcing them to sleep on lilos.

‘Laura M’ had both positive and negative comments about the resort, but her comment about the standard of cooking at the Blue Bay is very concerning. She says that she “wouldn’t even bother” with the “food” and at one stage was served “raw chicken“.

‘Serenity R’ also encountered a problem with undercooked chicken, saying that “the food is extremely poor” and her “daughter has survived on pasta” and she has “had to eat soup all week“. She says that she “reported to reception that there was raw chicken and they just said that some people don’t really care about quality.

Toilet paper and hotel hygiene

Reported lack of toilet paper could spread disease

The reported issue of a lack of toilet paper might seem like a minor problem, but with two reports in this article alone, it brings into question if toilet paper is freely available throughout the rest of the hotel. A lack of toilet paper can create a disastrous hygiene problem if people fail to properly clean themselves after passing a stool, which can result in the spread of faecal matter which can contain a myriad of harmful bacteria and parasites.

Recycled food can be hazardous

Reusing food is a practice that some all-inclusive hotels still continue to do, but it can greatly increase the risk of contracting a horrible holiday illness. Food that is recycled needs to be sufficiently chilled and stored, and when served it needs to be reheated to safe levels. Even if the catering team keep food safety processes in mind, by reheating meals they increase the chance of creating an environment in which harmful bacteria can multiply.

Air-conditioning and Legionnaires disease

While air-conditioning is considered to be an essential by many holidaymakers (including us), air-con units need to be properly maintained to ensure that they don’t make people sick, and reports of them smelling strange is very concerning. A faulty or poorly maintained air-conditioner can soon become a disease spreading machine, as Legionnaires disease; a bacterial infection that is spread through water droplets, can easily multiply within the unit and be spread through the air, resulting in flu-like symptoms such as headaches, muscle pain, fever, chills, fatigue and confusion, and in some cases can lead to pneumonia.

Rats could pose a serious risk to your health

Rats are commonly attributed to the spread of disease, and unfortunately for good reason. Rats are known to spread Leptospirosis (also known as Weil’s disease), a bacterial infection that is spread by animal urine. Both male and female rats are known to urinate frequently to advertise that they are sexual available, which subsequently can spread Leptospirosis. If contracted, Leptospirosis can cause you to suffer fever, chills, headaches, nausea, vomiting, muscle pain, conjunctivitis, a cough, a rash and loss of appetite.

Rats and Leptospirosis

Housekeeping may require additional training

Cleanliness is vital to any hotel, no matter whether they’re in Greece or anywhere else in the world, and the key to ensuring good hygiene is ensuring that all members of staff have the tools and training that they need to be able to properly do their job. The report that one of the housekeeping staff members used just a cloth to clean up vomit is very worrying. Not only could this result in the vomit, which may be contagious being inadequately cleaned up, but it could also lead to spreading whatever caused the young girl to throw up to other guests.

Raw chicken can result in Salmonella

Chicken is considered to be a high risk food, and because of this it needs to be thoroughly cooked before it’s considered safe to eat. In most instances of food poisoning caused by chicken, the pathogen responsible for illness is Salmonella. This harmful strain of bacteria can cause severe diarrhoea, abdominal cramps, nausea and in some cases vomiting, headaches, chills, fatigue and fever. Any hotel restaurant that serves chicken raw or undercooked runs the risk of infecting every guest who eats there.

Don’t accept low standards

Poor conditions at a hotel such as the Blue Bay Beach Hotel are unacceptable, and if you’ve become ill after staying at an all-inclusive hotel that has hygiene problems such as those we’ve mentioned above, you might be able to claim compensation from your tour operator. This is because of The Package Travel Regulations 1992, a piece of legislation that is in place to ensure that your tour operator takes reasonable steps to safeguard your health and well-being while on a package holiday.

Claim compensation from your tour operator

Finding out if you can make a claim is simple, and all it takes to start a claim is a brief call to one of our travel law specialists. During a free no-obligation consultation we can advise you of the strength of your claim, the amount of compensation you can expect to receive and tell you more about our ‘no win no fee‘ terms.

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