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By James Blower

Senior Holiday Claims Specialist

Despite terrorist attacks and a failed military coup in Turkey, many British tourists have continued to travel to Turkey for their summer holiday. Unfortunately, from online reviews it appears that standards have slipped at some resorts since last summer, as British tourists share their concerns about hygiene and the possibility of food poisoning at the Delphin Palace Hotel.

Problems at all-inclusive Delphin Palace Hotel

The Delphin Palace Hotel is located in the Antalya region of Turkey and is advertised by UK tour operators Thomas Cook and First Choice, who offer the all-inclusive as part of their Premier brand of hotels, which are intended to offer “luxury holidays all over the world” at “stylish 4 and 5-star hotels“. While this resort is advertised as featuring a range of activities and facilities, including a selection of buffet and à la carte restaurants, it appears that there may be problems with food hygiene that are resulting in British tourists becoming ill.

Holidaymakers report problems with hygiene

Reviews for the package holiday destination on TripAdvisor are generally positive, but it appears from some of the comments that there are lapses in hygiene processes at the Delphin Palace that are causing people to suffer bouts of travellers’ diarrhoea:

‘BXD786’ says that the Delphin Palace is “nowhere near being a 5 star“, going on to say that there are instances of “poor hygiene everywhere” amongst a number of other issues.

Carlisle holidaymaker ‘Mark L’ says that they booked their stay at the Delphin Palace through Jet2 Holidays, but soon ran into issues when it turned out that their request for sea facing rooms had been ignored despite paying more for the privilege. Their problems continued when their “eldest son was hospitalised with sickness and diarrhoea” and eventually all 6 of their holiday party “experienced the trots and stomach cramps.” ‘Mark L’ goes on to say that “other UK guests” at the Turkish hotel “were experiencing similar symptoms.

‘haveit0’ from the North West says that they “generally of a very good standard with plenty to choose from“, but they did have “4 days with Turkish Tummy and no triple quilted“.

In a review by Chesterfield holidaymaker ‘MrsBond79’, it became apparent that she had mixed feelings about the resort. She says that she does not “feel this holiday gave good value for money,” having “paid a lot of money for a 10 day break for 3 adults and a 5 year old during the British school holidays (August).

Amongst comments about the hotel requiring renovation, she says that in an “outdoor show cooking arena in the main buffet, there was a very young lad cooking on an open fired wok, who proceeded (with gloves on) to handle raw fish and then tried to (with the same gloves on) serve [her] food by rolling a wrap filled with cooked meat and veg.” She says that she “experienced stomach issues since day 7 into [their] holiday” along with her “husband and step daughter [who also] have suffered stomach issues“, and she continues to be ill at the time of writing her review, having “been home 3 days“.


Travelling with a family of three, Bristol holidaymaker ‘Martin M’ stayed at the Delphin Palace on their “5th consecutive holiday to this hotel at this time of year“, but noticed that things have changed. Amongst a list of concerns, ‘Martin M’ says that “there were around 20 cases of reported of people who had illness and “Deli Bell” during their stay“.

‘MVC-2017’ says that they were “disappointed with this Delphin hotel” elaborating by saying that “Premier Inns have nicer rooms.” They continue their review to say that all of their “family had stomach bugs, sickness and diarrhoea” and “other families were experiencing the same.

Possibility of food poisoning

From these reviews it looks like there could be a problem with cross-contamination and potentially other food hygiene errors at the Delphin Palace. Comments about catering team members handling raw food and then cooked food without washing hands or changing gloves is very concerning and shows a lack of understanding of HACPP hygiene standards.

Renovation may be the answer

It’s possible that if the hotel is in need of renovation, a deep clean could be needed, as poor hygiene in kitchens can also result in the spread of illness, but regardless of the cause it appears from the reviews posted online that there are problems at the Delphin Palace Hotel that aren’t being addressed by tour operators such as Thomas Cook and First Choice.

Claim compensation

If you’ve suffered food poisoning or any other illness at the Delphin Palace Hotel while on a package holiday, you might be able to claim compensation from your tour operator due to The Package Travel Regulations 1992. His regulation places responsibility on your tour operator to take reasonable steps to ensure your safety abroad, and if they don’t do this and you become sick because of something that could have been prevented, you might be in a position to claim against them.

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