Reports of Sickness Bug and Hospitalisation MENORCA

Paul Stevens - Group Travel Litigation Claims Manager

By Paul Stevens

Group Travel Litigation Claims Manager

Numerous reports are appearing online suggesting that there is a sickness bug sweeping the ever popular First Choice Holiday Village in Menorca with some guests reportedly being hospitalised and placed on intravenous drips.

First Choice Holidays have a number of Holiday Village hotels in popular holiday destinations including Turkey, the Costa Del Sol and Tenerife. Holidays to the Holiday Village are hugely popular, primarily with families with young children. This is due largely to the range of children’s clubs and family friendly activities offered by the Holiday Villages. The accommodation also provides all-inclusive food and drink and swimming facilities.

Due to the size of the Holiday Village accommodation, any failure to maintain the pools or the hotel’s water supply can cause widespread sickness or illness. Furthermore, if food hygiene standards are not properly monitored or maintained then this can lead to an outbreak of illness.

Holiday Village Menorca: TripAdvisor reviews cause for concern

A recent review on the popular Tripadvisor website submitted by “NLDAvidson” entitled “Fantasic holiday…then we caught sickness bug” explains how after enjoying the first week of the holiday at the Holiday Village Menorca, their one year old daughter “caught a sickness and diarrhoea bug”. Then 3 days later, their “3 year old also caught it”. The review recalls how the symptoms included a fever, diarrhoea and sickness and worryingly, the symptoms were so severe that the 3 year old had to be hospitalised and placed on a drip for 2 days.

Another review posted recently by “gesz”, a holidaymaker from Fleetwood describes how the seafood served at the hotel was “horrible” with prawns being served “undercooked” and “warm”. This holidaymakers recalls being ill “Sick for 3 weeks” spending two days of the holiday in bed as a result of the bug.

Positive reviews of the hotel also appear on the Tripadvisor website in abundance, however even these sometimes make reference to illness or sickness. For example “Simsey85” gives the hotel a four out of five rating, generally praising the hotel. Even this review however makes reference to how her and her partner “got a sickness bug” which ruined 2 days of the holiday whilst their son and daughter also “came down with a sickness bug” on their return home.

Sickness and Diarrhoea on holiday

Sickness and diarrhoea can be caused by a number of things and may not necessarily be caused by a lack of cleanliness or a lapse in hygiene. When a holiday complex is struck by an outbreak of illness however, it is often found to be the result of a preventable bacterial or parasitical infection.

Even where swimming pools look clean and clear it can be the case that the pools are not properly chlorinated or that PH levels are not properly checked or monitored. Furthermore, where food is well presented and appears well cooked, it does not mean that cross contamination has not taken place behind the scenes or that the food has been stored and prepared in hygienic and safe conditions.

Claim the Compensation you Deserve

no win no fee compensation claim

Simpson Millar’s dedicated travel lawyers have successfully secured compensation for hundreds of guests that have experienced illnesses further to staying at First Choice’s flagship Holiday Villages hotels, discovering along the way that guests have contracted all kinds of harmful bugs including salmonella, shigella, e.coli and cryptosporidium. Furthermore, Simpson Millar’s Head of Travel Law, Nick Harris has appeared on BBC’s Watchdog programme specifically in respect of a previous outbreak of holiday illness at one of First Choice’s Holiday Villages.

Anyone returning from their package holiday at the Holiday Village with symptoms including diarrhoea, nausea or stomach cramps (sometimes called gastroenteritis) is urged to seek advice from their GP and to provide a stool sample so that the precise cause of the illness can be identified and effectively treated. Sickness bugs such as salmonella and cryptosporidium can cause long lasting damage to the stomach and should be treated without delay.

Simpson Millar LLP can provide free advice and may also be able to provide expert representation on a “no win no fee” basis.

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