Andrew Tarling - Holiday Compensation Claims Manager

By Andrew Tarling

Holiday Compensation Claims Manager

We are concerned by recent reviews of the Holiday Village Rhodes that are appearing online which suggest that the accommodation, sold by First Choice Holidays, may be the latest Holiday Village to be subjected to an illness outbreak.

We are very familiar with the Holiday Village chain having successfully won compensation for large numbers of holidaymakers returning from Holidays at various Holiday Villages including those located in Spain, Turkey and Tenerife. Our head of Travel has even appeared on BBC’s Watchdog TV programme in relation to an outbreak of illness at the Red Sea Holiday Village in Egypt.

We are now fearful that the Holiday Village Rhodes maybe the next Holiday Village resort to be struck by illness.

Signs of food poisoning

Holidaymakers that we have represented in the past have tended to suffer with very similar symptoms, including diarrhoea, stomach cramps, nausea and sometimes vomiting. Test results have also revealed that in the past, holidaymakers have returned from their Holiday Village accommodation with nasty bugs including salmonella, e.coli and cryptosporidium. These bugs can cause unpleasant short term symptoms and also lead onto more serious long lasting conditions including post-infective irritable bowel syndrome and reactive arthritis.

Holiday Village Rhodes on Trip Advisor

One of the reviews that has sparked our concern has appeared on the Tripadvisor website and is entitled “Holiday Sickness”. The review has been submitted by Laura K and recalls how her, her husband, her 5 year old daughter and her one year old son all fell ill with “severe sickness” during their stay at the Holiday Village Rhodes. Another reviewer named yudanja has stated that her daughter and “other kids” that they travelled with also got food poisoning.

Holiday illnesses are not always caused by poor standards. They can for example be caused by over indulgence or too much sun and there are reviews online from guests that were perfectly happy with their holiday. Bacterial infections such as salmonella, e.coli and campylobacter and parasitic infections such as cryptosporidium however are typically associated with contaminated food or water, food that has not been properly cooked or stored or from poor levels of hygiene and cleanliness. The review posted by Jessic_b_gibson, located in Bath, is therefore concerning as she confirms that a few days into the season, “…the buffet restaurant was filthy-food over the floor and chairs. Ice cream always spilt on the floor by the pools”.

'no win no fee' compensation claim

Anyone returning from the Holiday Village Rhodes with symptoms of gastroenteritis (diarrhoea, sickness, nausea, stomach cramps) should seek medical advice. When a holidaymaker returns to the UK with such symptoms, it is usually advisable to provide a stool sample for testing so that the specific cause of the illness can be identified an treated. All too often we hear from holidaymakers that self-medicate or that take medication that is given to them locally which may not be effective against the particular bug that has been caught and which may, in some instances, make matters worse.

We are at hand to provide free legal advice. Our holiday claims lawyers are experienced and approachable and in many cases can even pursue a claim on your behalf on a “no win no fee” basis.