We have been receiving reports from holidaymakers who have recently stayed at the Hotel Riu Imperial Marhaba, Port el Kantaoui, in Tunisia and whom have suffered illness symptoms such as sickness, diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting.

Illness at Hotel Riu Imperial Marhaba in Turkey

We have also been advised of a holidaymaker whom has contracted Salmonella with symptoms of diarrhoea, chills, fever, vomiting, nausea, headaches and abdominal cramps. These are all typical symptoms of Salmonella infection and if left untreated can have damaging consequences.

The hotel is offered by Thomson Holidays, part of the TUI UK Limited Group of companies. Thomson advertises the hotel in the following way:

“This grand beach-side hotel makes an impression with its big pool and gourmet restaurants. The pool is the first thing that’ll strike you about this hotel – it’s big and framed by glossy palms. Then there’s the dining scene – the restaurant line-up includes a great trattoria and an Asian place.

Walk through the manicured gardens and you’ll come to the white-sand beach. You’ve got shops just a few minutes walk away, too, and it’s a 10-minute cab ride to the marina at Port el Kantaoui”.

Despite the luxurious description given by Thomson holidays, we have received reports which suggest that food was often left out in the heat, there were flies on the food and numerous guests were reporting symptoms of illness associated with Salmonella.

sickness complaints on Turkey holiday


We have also been advised that the hotel started to use hand sanitisers due to the number of guests complaining about illness and to try and prevent the spread of ill health amongst guests.

If you have been affected by illness whilst staying at the Hotel Riu Imperial Marhaba, or any other hotel in Tunisia, then we would be interested to hear from you. We have extensive experience in claiming compensation from large UK leading tour operators as a result of ruined holidays due to illness.

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