We are currently acting on behalf of holidaymakers who contracted holiday sickness at the Hotel Royal Kenz, Tunisia. One client experienced severe diarrhoea, vomiting, nausea, lethargy and headaches resulting in him being rushed to hospital to intensive care where he spent the remainder of his holiday. This was not the ‘royal’ experience he was expecting from the Hotel Royal Kenz.

Holiday sickness at the Hotel Royal Kenz in Tunisia

The hotel is promoted by First Choice and Thomson Holidays – both part of TUI UK Limited. First Choice classifies the hotel as one of their “Premier Holidays” and it is part of the Thomson’s “Platinum Collection”. Both the “Premier” and “Platinum” branded hotels are a hand-picked section of top-of-the-range holidays, offering “hotel brands you can trust” with “great dining scenes.”

The hotel was re-vamped in 2014, providing holidaymakers with 2 outdoor pools, 1 indoor pool, and 4 restaurants. The restaurants include 2 that specialise in Indian or Italian flavours, and a steakhouse.

Comments on TripAdvisor, from one of Thomson’s own member of staff, warns other holidaymakers to “avoid any of the fish dishes, they don’t prepare the fish in the correct manner, and that is how a lot of people were so coming to sickness bugs during their stay.” Furthermore, they state to “take your own plastic cups/pint glass, they are only washed out quick under a tap, people put fag butts in them etc.”

Food poisoning complications

Other hygiene concerns have been raised on TripAdvisor, one reporting “In the main restaurant the flies are prevalent and much of the food is left uncovered for long periods.” Another reporting there was “dirty bedding, took 2 days to get it changed even after complaining to the rep, cold food, regardless of the time you went to eat…Don’t waste your time complaining on your return as Thomson are not bothered or even read the emails”.

Holiday illness complaints Tunisia

Our client’s experience was that the Thomson/First Choice representative in resort had the same attitude. They informed our client’s wife that he did not need a doctor when the holiday sickness was first reported. Instead they were told to go to the local pharmacy. 3 days later our client was rushed to intensive care and advised that his kidneys were failing.

Kidney failure can occur as a complication of food poisoning.

Most food poisoning is caused by eating food contaminated with bacteria. Chicken, meat, seafood, eggs, cooked rice and dairy foods are high risk foods. If food is reheated, it needs to be piping hot and only reheated once.

There are many ways in which unhygienic practices by food preparation staff can cause bacteria to contaminate food such as:

  • Leaving food uncovered
  • Sneezing / coughing over food
  • Failing to wash hands
  • Incorrect cooking temperature
  • Incorrect food storage

Correct food handling procedures and food storage need to be adhered to. This will prevent bacteria from contaminating foods.

With reports of cold, uncovered food with flies carrying and spreading bacteria, it is no wonder that lots of people are suffering holiday sickness whilst at the Hotel Royal Kenz.

Holidaymakers returning from the Hotel Royal Kenz with gastric symptoms including diarrhoea, vomiting, nausea and stomach cramps are urged to seek medical treatment from their GP.

Compensation claims can be brought against First Choice and Thomson Holidays in the UK under the Package Travel Regulations 1992 for improper performance of the holiday contract. Contact us for further advice on how you can claim your compensation.

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