We are currently representing a large number of holidaymakers whom suffered holiday sickness during and following their stay at the Lindos Princess Hotel, Rhodes, Lardos, Greece.

Many holidaymakers choose this advertised luxury hotel as a setting for their wedding due to the location and setting, what they do not expect is to be affected by sub-standard accommodation, poor hygiene practices and holiday sickness, which are all things that occurred at this hotel during the summer 2014 season.

Thomas Cook advertise this hotel as a ‘Signature’ property – They boast that ‘Signature from Thomas Cook has always been synonymous with quality and we continue to work hard to ensure we hand-pick the most exclusive and even iconic hotels based on our own knowledge, experience and quality checks plus tripadvisor reviews, ensuring you get the very best of everything’.

They go on to state, ‘we believe that your holiday should be truly unforgettable – made up of magic moments that you’ll remember forever’.

Unfortunately, the groups of holidaymakers we are representing have had completely different experiences with reports that food was served lukewarm, there were cats and birds roaming around the restaurants, people were being sick within the restaurants and staff were using napkins to clean the affected areas, as opposed to using detergents and full cleaning equipment.

There have also been concerns raised in relation to food being left uncovered with flies landing on it, plates and cutlery being dirty, plastic cups being rinsed and re-used, a lack of hand sanitizers and work taking place on the drainage system with dirty sewage water flooding the paths.

This is certainly not what holidaymakers would expect from a Thomas Cook Signature property, which is allegedly selected by Thomas Cook based upon knowledge, quality and tripadvisor reviews.

Thomas Cook Admits Liability

On a more positive note, Thomas Cook has admitted liability for the shortcomings and has not disputed any of the allegations which have been raised. They have also acknowledged that holidaymakers suffered holiday sickness. This shows that on this occasion the standards at this particular luxury hotel fell way short of what should have been expected.

If you have been affected by holiday sickness, whilst staying at the Lindos Princess Hotel in Rhodes, Lardos, or in fact, any other Greek hotel, we would be interested to hear from you. We may be able to assist you in bringing a claim against your tour operator here in the UK and obtaining compensation for short comings.

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