Airtours Holidays highly rated Hotel Dar Khayam is located on the beach of North Hammamet in Tunisia, and is said to offer ‘a host of facilities, a warm welcome and a friendly atmosphere.’ However, further concerns have been raised by UK travellers following a debilitating bout of food poisoning which was later diagnosed as having been caused by the pathogen campylobacter.

Simon Lomax, Simpson Millar LLP’s food poisoning claims specialist said:

“I have been instructed to pursue claims against Airtours’ parent company, Thomas Cook, for compensation. My clients returned from Tunisia intent on claiming compensation having been the victims of poor hygiene practices resulting in classic symptoms of food poisoning, such as profuse diarrhoea, stomach cramps, dehydration and fever with little or no vomiting.”

“Suffering from campylobacter food poisoning on holiday is a dreadful experience and it is understandable that my clients wish to seek compensation.”

“My clients have mentioned that they suspected that the food was being recycled and served at later sittings. The so called ‘hot food’ was served at times warm or even cold despite the optimal temperature for growth of campylobacter being 42°C. Dirty table clothes, under cooked chicken and the dangerous practice of tipping new food on top of old food that had been left standing for some time was also mentioned.”

How do I know if it’s Campylobacter Food Poisoning?

“Following an incubation period of approximately three to five days the symptoms develops and will inevitably curtail the enjoyment of your holiday. As a result of intestinal tissue injury, mucus and blood can often be seen in the stool. The acute phase of the illness is said to last for three to five days, possibly a week. In my experience the symptoms last longer much longer with holidaymakers going on to suffer from post infective irritable bowel, reactive arthritis and anxiety.”

“Whilst the symptoms described above are often associated with campylobacter, a number of other gastric illnesses have the same modus operandi, including salmonella. The only way to identify the exact holiday bug being experienced is to have a stool sample sent to a laboratory.”

Hotel Dar Khamam Illness Claims

“The Hotel Dar Khayam is a property that is well known to us and historically we have claimed compensation from tour operators as a consequence of the Hotel’s improper performance of the holiday contract.”

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