Holidaymakers returning from the Pegasus World in Side, Turkey, have been contacting travel solicitors, Simpson Millar LLP, following an outbreak of illness at the complex. Holiday illness at Pegasus splash world in Turkey

The hotel which boasts a brand new water park with one of the biggest swimming pools in the Mediterranean is a now cause for concern. It has been suggested by our clients that a large number of ill families were listed on their Representative’s iPad – many requiring treatment from the hotel’s doctor.

Simpson Millar LLP Solicitors are currently investigating these complaints to see if they can be linked to the swimming pool or the food served at the Pegasus World.

Simon Lomax, the firms Holiday Illness Manager says:

“Whilst this is a huge hotel with over 800 rooms, I am concerned that at the levels of illness being reported to us is indicative of a serious hygiene problem.”

“The complaints raised by my clients are currently being investigated to determine whether the tour operator has improperly performed the holiday contract. Those holidaymakers who suffered illness at the hotel are entitled to claim compensation from their tour operator pursuant to the Package Travel Regulations 1992.”

Pegasus world holiday illness complaint Turkey

“If a Hotel implements an adequately resourced HACCP programme, the risk of widespread illness should be reduced substantially. In my view tour operators should return to in-house monthly or fortnightly auditing to safeguard their own interests.”

Holidaymakers travelling with the tour operators, First Choice or Thomson, who have experienced illness at the complex should contact us for advice before liaising with the tour operators, Welfare Team.

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