Simpson Millar LLP’s travel lawyers have previously dealt with a large number of gastric illness claims concerning the Dar Khayam in Hammamet Tunisia. Concerns must be raised again to Thomas Cook and other tour operators using this hotel that large scale outbreaks of sickness are unacceptable.

Is it a Salmonella Infection?

Our clients have expressed concerns that the hotel failed to implement good food practices leading to infection from bacteria, namely Salmonella. The factors commonly associated with salmonella food poisoning at the Dar Khayam concerned food being maintained at temperatures which allowed bacteria to grow and produce harmful toxins.

Simon Lomax, Simpson Millar Holiday Illness Manager says:

“It is recognized by most tour operators that good hygiene is essential in all inclusive hotels as in all environments. The lack of comprehensive and routine food hygiene auditing is of real concern.”

“It is clearly necessary to identify and correct bad practices early, but the trend appears to be to allow outside companies to audit yearly or allow hotels to carry out their own self-assessment procedures.”

What is being reported?

UK travellers staying at the hotel have described it as a “North African Hell Hole”, questioning the quality of the food and pointing out that it is recycled and very repetitive. One TripAdvisor reviewer said it was a three star hotel at best which needed knocking down and rebuilding”. Another holidaymaker had “broken biscuits for breakfast”.

Simpson Millar LLP – Experts in Salmonella Claims

Holidaymakers travelling on traditional package holidays with tour operators such as Thomas Cook are able to rely on Regulation 15 of the 1992 Package Travel Regulations. If you suspect that you have experienced food poisoning at the Dar Khayam in Tunisia you may be able to claim compensation both for personal injury and loss of enjoyment.

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