Simpson Millar LLP solicitors are currently representing several families whose stay at the Holiday Village Manar in Tunisia was marred by illness.

Recent enquiries by unhappy First Choice holidaymakers suggest that hygiene standards should be improved to reduce the risk of infective gastroenteritis caused by salmonella.

Simon Lomax, the firm’s Holiday Illness Claims Manager says:

“I will be keeping a keen eye on this complex and its Egyptian counterpart the Coral Sea Holiday Village in Tunisia. Whilst these hotels are large and popular, there have been far too many incidences of salmonella. More can and should be done to prevent the spread of bacterial infections.”

“These hotels are geared towards families and therefore the food served should be safe to eat, particularly as young children’s immune systems have not fully developed. Children have been subjected to salmonella food poisoning at both hotels and have been treated with unknown drugs that have been banned in the UK by local doctors.”

“Food is a major cause of infection and therefore hygiene standards are extremely important in the prevention and spread of gastric illness. Routine hand washing by kitchen staff is a necessity, and food should be cooked through thoroughly and be piping hot when served to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.”

Your Background to Traveller’s Diarrhoea

Diarrhoea is usually contracted by the ingestion of contaminated food or water. Whilst the symptoms of infective diarrhoea vary, generally the illness occurs within the first week of travel and lasts for several days. Fortunately, diarrhoea which is caused by salmonella is usually mild, self-limiting and resolves spontaneously.

Beware of the Use Antibiotics

Some hotel directors encourage those who experience gastric illness to visit their onsite clinic at the outset to receive ‘local medication’ because the symptoms can ‘usually be cleared up with 24 hours, if not less.’

Antibiotics should only be contemplated if the symptoms caused by food poisoning are severe and complicated, and they should only be prescribed after the exact organism responsible for the diarrhoea has been identified. This will enable the correct drug to be selected.

Hotel directors are keen to advise holidaymakers to see in-house doctors because the broad spectrum antibiotics that they hand out like sweets often masks the bacterial infection, effectively covering up their catering staffs hygiene failings.

Guests who are told that ‘those who self-medicate or visit the pharmacy stay ill for day’ should be wary of the advice they are being given.

Ill at the Holiday Village Manar or Holiday Village Coral Sea in Tunisia?

Email us for immediate advice – both Holiday Villages offer free Wi-Fi facilities so stay connected while you are away.

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