Simpson Millar instructed to Help Food Poisoning Victim for suspected Salmonella at the Holiday Village Turkey.

Simpson Millar Solicitors specialise in helping holidaymakers that have been affected by accidents or illness suffered on holiday. One of the hotels that we are more than familiar for illness related problems is the Sarigerme Holiday Village which is featured by the UK’s largest all-inclusive tour operator, First Choice.

We were contacted last week by man from Nottingham whose son was diagnosed with salmonella food poisoning following his stay at the First Choice hotel in May of this year.

Salmonella on Holiday

Salmonella is a germ that is usually associated with contaminated and undercooked food although hotel guests can be prevented from contracting the illness if kitchen and restaurant staff observe basic food hygiene procedures – such as cooking meat and poultry to the correct temperature and using separate utensils for cooked and raw food.

We are particularly interested in speaking to anyone who has stayed at the hotel in the past year or so and suffered from salmonella or from the kind of symptoms that the bug causes, including sickness, diarrhoea and stomach cramps.

Holiday Claims Travel Lawyers

Our specialist travel lawyers will be able to give you assistance with making a claim against First Choice and you may able to help others in seeking redress for a potentially preventable illness at the hotel.

We have also been instructed to help a family from Cornwall with a claim against First Choice’s sister, company, Thomson, who suffered symptoms of traveller’s diarrhoea during their stay the Tropical Hotel – which is situated next door to the Sarigerme Holiday Village.

Compensation for Holiday Food Poisoning

Compensation for holiday food poisoning can range from around £1000 to around £25000 dependent on the seriousness of the illness and how long the victim suffers from.

We can be contacted today for legal advice and assistance in pursuing an individual or group illness claim against First Choice.

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