Lawyers at Simpson Millar LLP have recently been instructed by travellers who suffered illness at the Tropicana Grand Azure in Egypt. The spate of recent claims point towards salmonella, a bug which is commonly implicated in bacterial food poisoning.  
The resulting symptoms, acute gastroenteritis, develop from a disturbance of the gastrointestinal tract with abdominal pain, severe diarrhoea, and with or without the victim suffering fever. The symptoms of food poisoning often develop between one and 48 hours after the consumption of contaminated food.
Salmonella Organisms Multiply
Organisms of the salmonella group are divisible into those that cause enteric fever, typhi and paratyphi, and those which cause food poisoning. The later types are classified into more than 2000 serotypes able to invade and infect the body of travellers.
The bugs reach the food directly or indirectly from animal or human excreta, or water polluted by sewage. In the kitchen they may be transferred from raw to cooked foods by hands, surfaces, utensils and other equipment. The illness is more likely to occur when large numbers of the organism are consumed, commonly after poor hygiene practices allow the salmonella bugs to multiply.
Salmonella bacteria multiply rapidly by division at an optimum temperature of 37 degrees centigrade!
Tropicana Grand Azure Food Poisoning
Simpson Millar Solicitors have recently settled a claim for a couple exposed to salmonella bacteria for £12000.00. The hotel is currently featured by Thomson and First Choice Holidays and we are concerned that lessons have not been learnt having been instructed in 2014 by others following similar illnesses experienced at the hotel.
With the introduction of safe food guidelines by the World Health Organisation, incidents of this nature should be preventable through compliance with a stringent HACCP system.
How do I Claim Compensation from my Holiday Company in the UK?
If you suffered  gastric illness at the Tropicana Grand Azure and your well-earned holiday was ruined, you may be able to claim compensation from your tour company in the UK.
The 1992 Package Travel Regulations may help you to claim compensation, particularly if salmonella or another pathogen (harmful bacteria) is identified by your doctor when you return home.

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