Simpson Millar Solicitors can confirm that they have been instructed by holidaymakers returning from the Hotel Tropicana Grand Azure in Egypt diagnosed with infective gastroenteritis caused by the holiday bug, Salmonella.

Salmonella is a type of bacteria that is usually found in chicken, eggs, unprocessed milk and in meat and water, although it be carried by lizards, rodents and birds. It usually causes food poisoning to those who have consumed food contaminated which sufficient amounts of it.
The review of TripAdvisor states, “Upon returning home my daughter was taken to our GP who ran a series of tests to help determine her illness as she remained unwell.” The Holidaymaker from Riggend continued to say, “To our horror she was diagnosed as having contracted Salmonella and was immediately given medication.”
Simon Lomax, Simpson Millar’s Accident and Illness Manager says, “I was asked to assist a family last week who returned from the Tropicana Grand suffering from severe gastric symptoms, including diarrhoea and stomach cramps. One of my clients was later diagnosed with salmonella, possibly due to food poisoning at the Hotel Tropicana Grand Azure. From the details provided in the review, they clearly do not appear to be alone.”
“Salmonella can be prevented if food, particularly chicken, is cooked thoroughly and maintained at a temperature which inhibits the growth of bacteria.”
“Holidaymakers whose stay at the Tropicana Grand in Egypt is marred by illness caused by food poisoning can claim compensation pursuant to regulation 15 of 1992 Package Travel Regulations.”
If you have suffered salmonella food poisoning abroad or any other gastric illness whilst staying at a hotel in Egypt, contact our specialist travel lawyers for free initial advice. We can help you claim the compensation you deserve from your tour operator. 

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